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My name is Matt! I run Eight-Six Media. I review tech and peripherals, and I am largely self-funded. I’m looking to continue growing. I hope to increase both my production and production value. 

Q: Why would you consider me?


A: Whether the times are tough or easy – I am consistent and will continue to be consistent. Perseverance is a key driving force for the evolution of what I continually strive to achieve. I learn and get better – my growth gets stronger by the week, and my drive to pursue what I am doing strengthens daily.  

Q: Who is your audience?

A: Attached are some of my Q4 2020 demographics - I share this to give you an idea of my reach.


















Q: What type of content do you output for your audience?

A: My niche is affordable tech, and while ‘affordable’ means something different to everyone I tend to try and focus on the everyman/woman and what they can afford comfortably. I like to show the options available and not just the flagship products. I enjoy comparing experiences and seeking ways to convey to people that the ‘prime rib’ isn’t the only thing on the menu!  


I review tech products/peripherals! Here are some of my recent examples/watch times


















Q: What are Eight-Six's credentials?


A:  I have three million views, 200+ uploads, and have covered multiple brands. I have been awarded as a reviewer by Newegg (An Eggie) for my written reviews. On the video side of things - as I have grown to 10,000 subscribers – I'd like to take what I do to the next level...The next level is brand support and partnerships. I will deploy suitable advertisements for your brand, and for my audience.  



Q: What's in it for our brand?

A: As for your brand, it’s the next set of eyes I can share what you have to offer with. I can help to promote the promotion-worthy products in your lineups and offer people a new place to spot the products.  

If we are interested in working together - why not get started? Reach out to me, and if you're here because you already have, I hope I was able to answer some questions!

I am more than willing to create sample advertisements for review. Let me know your thoughts if any.  


-Matt [Eight-Six]

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