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Let us talk about the AUAG chairs

FIRST: I was shopping for a chair to review, people seem to like budget office/gaming furniture reviews and I have not really looked at the lower budget spectrum recently. I still have a list of chairs I want to look at.

Coincidentally, Aukey e-mailed me and told me of their new brand for gaming (AUAG). They asked if I would like to sample one of their chairs and support the endeavor of a give away:

E-mail from Auag:

Hi, I watched the video on your youtube (one of my other chair videos). The video you made was quite special and thoughtful. Our company would like to cooperate with you to promote the product. AUAG is a professional chair manufacturer. We constantly optimize the product process according to feedback from game lovers. You can even sleep on your back in a chair. Our company plans to offer 50 chairs for you and your fans to experience.I hope fans can provide more Suggestions for our chairs. I will send you the sample. The sample is free of charge.

I look forward to a pleasant cooperation with you.


When I received this e-mail I was cautious (or so I thought) the following is the majority of the conversation confirming details.


My first response:

Well this sounds gracious.

I would be very interested in looking at your chair. I am also interested in how you plan to approach the 50 chairs for fans. Are you looking to host an entry style give away? I am interested in sharing this information once I know a bit about your details for providing fifty chairs :) I'm sure they would be appreciative and happy for a chance to acquire a new gaming chair.

What do you need from me to proceed?


Their reply:

We will interact with the fans in the message area.

Give free chairs to those who contribute to this video. For example, share video to friends. Also offer 4-5 discount coupons for ordinary fans. (For the record I think you are all extraordinary fans :) )


My reply:

So you will pick at random from the comment sections of the video, do you have a time cut off date or anything planned? Whatever details you have let me know so I have everything I need to know moving forward on this :) I look forward to this. I am really big on giving back to the community I am building. (Some of you that have been around for a while know this <3 )


At this point the chair is ordered and I wanted to start following up with the plan while I was making the video. Next is my e-mail back reaching out for some details:

My message to them:

When we post the video we will reference statements from you for participating in your give away.

So that I am informing people correctly;

1. Will this be open to people in other countries? If so which countries?

People are already pretty excited, I've hit a few outlets to share the upcoming video once I have it completed.

2. Do you have any special conditions regarding this give away to viewers?

Keeping people engaged with Aukey's spin off brand AUAG:

3. Confirming you would request in the comment section, Aukey/AUAG would require observational feedback? Often times viewers like to say what they WISH a chair had, in the comments section.

4. What is the final date people can comment? Will August 31st be the last day you can do this give away? (They never answered this part)

If you have anything specific to add to this, please let me know now. I will reference your email and generosity in the video(s) when I produce them. People don't like surprise conditions :) (Oh, by the way, surprise, I guess they disregarded this completely)


This was their reply:


We will provide two give away gaming chairs per day for the luckier and 50% off for people who share the video Sep. 10.

1. The gaming chairs are stocked in USA, so open to the USA only.

2. request in the comment section observational feedback

3. At this time. We have not anything specific to add to this.

Hope the video is great,

Kind regards


Cool, so far so good right? Several times we have discussed the procedure, there didn't seem to be any blurred lines at this point.


Some people brought some now removed comments to my attention:

These comments were not at all what we agreed upon, they were attempting to buy reviews for 50% off codes from viewers. I woke up, I saw this, and I e-mailed the rep promptly and shortly.

My message: (Images are for context)