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The Capsule II!

Anker and Nebula came back quick with a potential home run!

Check it out on Kickstarter!

I may be a little late to the game on this one! The Capsule II was announced and I heard about it only last week (11/13/2018).

I have been spending some time comparing specifications for the new pocket cinema, and stacking it against the specifications of the current Capsule contender.

So what is different??

On the surface of specifications listed it looks very appealing... (there is a lot more than what I touch on in this little post).

-Capsule 1 to Capsule II has jumped from 480P Native to 720P (very cool for it's size).

-The Capsule II is twice as bright on the ANSI scale according to Nebula. Now being 200 lumens versus the 100 lumens of Capsule 1.

(I would also like to remind, lumen ratings have no 'real' governance. We really hope and trust when a company supplies us with measurements it is accurate and that companies posses some degree of self-accountability).

-We now have USB-C! We also have a standalone USB-A, and a 3.5mm aux out! How awesome!

-Aptoid TV is set aside to make way for Android TV and the Google Play Store! This is something that will be big for a lot of people. If you're familiar with Google Assistant and/or Nvidia Shield, I would say (an educated guess really) you can expect a similar experience.

*Capsule 1 has also been updated to support the Play Store.

Have a look here, and be sure to see what they are offering up on Kickstarter.

Nebula and Anker took feedback and implemented it. They were quick to make amazing changes while not simply holding on to what makes the Capsule good and worthwhile, but rather, to make the Capsule II beyond great (hopefully). It's all speculative right now, however, I have no reason to feel that it won't be awesome.

There is a lot of speculation on my part as to what will actually be so great about it. Once I have a Capsule II of my own, I will share first hand experience, as well as side by side comparisons with the Capsule 1.

A lot of hype and hope was somewhat over sold and ultimately lost for me with Capsule 1 (such as how amazing the sound should have been versus how amazing it actually wasn't).

I will be getting my hands on the Capsule II as soon as possible so that I can break it down and share my results with all of you.

In the meantime, if you are like me, and if you are looking to support the Capsule II be sure and check the link to back them before the campaign is launched in to production. A good way to save yourself some cash! :)


If you haven't seen my review of Capsule 1 check it out if you are interested:

There will be a lot to cover with this pico projector... I'm excited for it!

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