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8BitDo and the Retro Cube...

Everything old, is new again...

I was shopping for a retro novelty d-pad hub...All of the sudden the 8BitDo retro cube appeared (don't worry I also bought the hub).

My journey for the hub turned quickly in to a "I want to know more about this fun little speaker." I wanted to know if it was worth a damn, or just some hunk of junk intent on selling to those desiring fun retro console doo-dads and nick-knacks.

I ordered it (with my cheesey retro d-pad USB hub) and started messing with it as soon as it arrived. To my surprise it wasn't terrible. I should also say it wasn't mind blowingly awesome either. For what it is, it is great. It borders that feeling in my mind that I paid almost too much, but it stops shy of that point and categorizes with "I got what I paid for."

If you haven't check out the video be sure and check it out:

I have not tried the twin speaker setup that 8BitDo sells, however, I imagine a lot of the same with some more intriguing twists that make it just slightly better.

If only they would have done that "Start" and "Select" for the "forward" and "back" options...That would have made this retro speaker cube a solid gold classic/retro trinket for anyone who loved the NES console.

As a side note, feel free to slap anyone who pronounces N-E-S as "Ness." That drives me f'n bonkers. I hate hearing "Super-Ness" and "Ness" GAH... These d-bags probably vape and talk about their favorite flavor of berry nicotine intake.

To my vaping audience...just're the best. See you guys next time :)


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