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New videos

I have done less and less with written reviews as I move more in to video.

Something I have grown quite fond of is trying new things, but not just limited to budget PC gaming. I have been trying different friends gear, using more, new and different equipment (in limited capacities) and I have started to try and grow my own collection of gear, and knowledge. (I also attend YouTube university in my down time to learn things :) )

An evident truth of who I am and what I do is I still try and be as cheap as possible with my own upgrades. Over time I have started accumulating some new, fun, awesome, and affordable things to try.

Instead of just having and using these new things behind the scenes - I am going to start sharing them with you when I am able to on Wednesdays. This will add (hopefully) a consistent extra upload each week in conjunction with my Friday uploads.

As always my goal is to demonstrate my hands on with affordable equipment to convey some degree of knowledge to you. Sometimes I'm pretty bad at this, but I'll try my best.

Things that are important to ME:

Pre-production... I base everything on pre-production work. I want to spend less time in post on fixing and correcting, and more time trying to do fun things.

When it comes to gear I want it to achieve as much as possible with as little correction as needed. So anything I like - will be based mainly on this philosophy. (If you're a big editor than equate my pre-production with your ability to maximize in post).


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