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A Glorious Mouse

I know it has been a minute since I have posted one of my own write ups, on my own website...

The Glorious Model O Wireless:

In short, how this adventure started... I wanted some un-lubed switches for a custom keyboard I will be making to test things on... Enter “Glorious” in to my search. I bought those switches (Glorious Lynx) in complete randomness with little to no research (I’m reckless, what can I say?). After purchasing I started reading more about Glorious...

I’m taking/borrowing excerpt quotes to save TLDR time.

“Our story begins in 2014 with a die-hard PC gamer who saw a big problem.” … “The only gaming gear available was often outrageously high-priced and of questionable quality - not to mention complicated to choose.” (Read the full story here at the bottom)

These two excerpts really got my gears turning. “Okay, cool” I thought. Let me go see the offerings... While shopping I determined it was a pretty solid, light menu that featured what I would consider ‘relatively pricey’ offerings. Glorious wouldn’t really be asking that price if the offering wasn’t at least as good right? Enter my growing skepticism...

I continued to read on. Specifically, about the Model O Wireless mouse. Wireless gaming mice can be tricky to execute well. I read a bit about the “BAMF” sensor – apparently a collaboration effort with the leading sensor company in the world, PixArt. The BAMFs surface specs that I read make it seem like a juiced up 3370 sensor... Why am I going over this? Well, young Timmy, because... The price offering was on par with mice that have similar offerings (Acers Cestus, Steel Series Aerox III with the PAW3335). So, a healthy dose of skepticism was definitely due here.

Was this just going to be an overpriced competitor, or was it going to actually be something worthy of its spot in the market? Alright, fast forward...The mouse arrived and I pulled it out, plugged it up, and started using it. It was instant...noticeably instant. Buyer's remorse, my skepticism, it all started to melt away pretty much immediately. The sturdy construction, the light weight feel, the skates, the tracking accuracy, the buttery smooth feeling. It felt so amazingly comfortable to use right away. Not to mention I haven’t even (at this point) downloaded and installed the software.

Lines, shapes, accuracy, the mouse performance checked every box. Now let's raise the stakes by seeing what we can do with the software. Oh me, oh my, this software lets you adjust debounce! I would call this uncommon to find in most programmable mice/UI suites. What else can...IT LETS YOU ADJUST LIFTOFF! I can adjust lift off distance sensitivity for snap turns! The usual stuff is there too, you can re-assign buttons, adjust DPI, play with lighting functions, and so on. An important feature for wireless mode has to be the ability to tell the mouse appropriate power functions. You can set the mouse sleep time so the lights don’t stay on and the mouse goes to sleep. Wake up time from a set sleep mode is very quick and causes me no issues. Alternately the mouse can be told different power features between wired or wireless mode. It can be set to have no or lower LED lighting while in wireless, and alternately set to max brightness when plugged in. This feature, once saved, just smart swaps between modes (plugged or unplugged). It should be noted, what you do here will greatly impact your battery life. Battery life of 70+hrs is based on NOT using any LED functionality in wireless mode.

Each switch is crisp – no mush – gratifying and satisfying, to my understanding the newer Model O Wireless is equipped with 80-Mil click Kailh switches. The scroll wheel is quiet but has a very useful ridged design that really feels like it makes a difference in scrolling (specifically while gaming). The wheel also offers a very distinct tactile bump. If anything gets spoken about the least, it may be the scroll wheel. It’s very ingeniously implemented and probably taken for granted. I know it is now one of my favorite design features.

The braided cable is extremely light weight, and the farthest thing from stiff. It is an optimal cable for wired mode. The experience between wireless and wired (using the included USB-C cable) is imperceptible. The light weight flowy-ness of the cable doesn’t catch, drag or pull. Low to no resistance is the best kind.

Jitter clicking or Butterfly clicking? Yeah, works well here. I have a friend who implements these methods and tested it for me, but I have no desire to damage my product beyond that, or my wrists. (Also keep in mind some anti-cheat software may mistake your super human skills as cheating and get you on that ban list mistakenly).

You must have some gripes, right? Yeah, a few that sound like petulant whiney-ness and are far outweighed by the sheer “great” that is this mouse. With an exposed chassis, and for the price, I would have expected a vapor barrier to coat and protect the PCB/Components inside to combat dust/particulates/spills. Another one is no Bluetooth. Lacking Bluetooth capabilities is going to be a miss for some people, but my personal opinion is “no Bluetooth is the right choice.” Bluetooth has benefits for the non-gaming portability side of the mouse, but overall is best avoided for what this mouse is made for.

My last thought is in comparison and contrast to one of the bigger, more expensive, noteworthy companies...

About six months ago I bought the SteelSeries Aerox III for 100 USD, just the other day I bought the Model O Wireless for the same price (the price dropped to $80 a few days later, go figure right?). The Aerox III fails to impress me (for the price), and doesn’t even come close to the very heavy, and very great impression that the Glorious Model O Wireless has left on me. This is what we should want as consumers. I was ready to be disappointed in the Model O Wireless, and I was completely turned around due to the sheer "earned merit" of the product. It’s an easy recommend from me...Glorious is definitely on my radar. Prices may match other offerings of other reverent brands – but the product from Glorious exceeds said other brands in almost all categories.

If I get to call myself "The Editor" it gets the "Editors Choice" from me.

I bought the Model O Wireless 128mm length 38mm height weighting 69g. It's the larger of the two but still doesn't feel overly large.

There is a (smaller) Model O- (note the "-") Wireless that is 120mm length and 35mm height weighing 65g.

If you are interested in this mouse, consider supporting our efforts here and using this link to shop Glorious products:

Once I have finished the video and my personal shots/comparisons I will upload those (assuming I don't forget). Images used are stock PNG shots from PC Gaming Race (Glorious') website.


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