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The gray area...

When it comes to working with companies (which I don't do very often) I hit gray areas that twist a bit. This left me compelled to address some issues.

A company I agreed to work with sent a product which I find to be a very competent product. Immediately, without researching it much, right out of the box, I found it a refreshing piece of tech that appeared to be of sound quality, construction, and design.

I went and read the details of the device on the manufacturers website...One detail in particular had me scratching my head and kind of calling "bull shit" under my breath. I posses certain tools and devices I have collected over the years to measure some of these devices in a poor mans way, but ultimately a fairly accurate way. What I mean by that is while some people have high end testing equipment and a lab of sorts, I may have a dark closet and less accurate instrument...but still land in the ball park range.

Anyways...The more I read promises and specifications of the device the more I became confused. This particular product is quite intelligent and pretty good already. Why is the company seemingly lying to people about its offerings? Some of the posted specifications contradicted what other specifications on the same page mentioned...others were just easily (for me) identified as untrue.

So what did I do? I contacted the representative I had been talking to several times. She is kind enough, and I am understanding enough that we somewhat reached an agreement. I pointed out every detail that I found to be misleading to consumers (with no contest from the company, they agreed with my findings). The articulated responses were less deflective and more hopeful that 'whats intended will occur soon' ... I guess the more I dwell on this the more I think 'Soon is not now. People see this now, and people are buying this now with what is posted, claimed, and shown.'

They politely requested I not discuss some of the issues but "if I felt obligated to, to please be gentle about it..." (that's a summation quote really, how they worded it was longer and more boring to read than this probably). I considered this request, and ultimately I did handle it in this way. I addressed what I thought to be the truth without lambasting them for possibly dishonest marketing. I believe in their promise to deliver it at it's full capabilities within a few months. If they are unable to deliver, then perhaps they should re-write all the specifications that are misleading.

Instead of tearing them apart on some of those issues, I decided to approach with their request of "a little more gently." The product really is a nice product, however, I think this company has gotten themselves in to a pickle with what they promised, and what they are still figuring out on how to deliver.

To summarize...

-I discovered issues and addressed them directly with the company.

-The company assured me they are looking in to issues.

-I gave specific issues and suggestions to the company.

-They requested I avoid the topics or address them gently. *(1)

-I reviewed the product addressing the issues granting the gentle request.

My ultimate opinion on the device is that it is pretty fantastic.

My main point is they painted an objective tech masterpiece, and instead of being happy with that, they want to tell you its even more of an objective tech masterpiece than it was already (and to do this they seemingly misrepresent the beauty of it). It really doesn't make sense to me.

*(1) They in no way seemed like they were being passively/actively threatening, just so I am clear.

Have a great day, night, or whatever it is.